30 Year Smooth Exterior Masonry

Bermuda Beach

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An advanced high performance Coastal Exterior Masonry Paint for the long life painting of your house exterior – with up to 30 year’s lifespan, paint colours that last much long than the norm, our 30 year exterior paint is formulated to withstand the harshest of coastal weather, helping homes and properties located in coastal regions enjoy a long lasting exterior paint finish with extraordinary depth of colour, a waterbased paint formulation, that offers outstanding resistance to weathering, this elasticated paint film prevents cracking, flaking and peeling, microporous film allows the substrate to breathe, while resisting the most adverse elements of weathering, this coating is suitable to be applied to lime plaster render.

Suitable for all exterior masonry walls that require a long lasting, durable paint finish. 


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Key Information

High performance, water based, exterior coating with outstanding anti- carbonation properties. For use as a weather-resistant protective and decorative paint finish for concrete, cement render, most masonry surfaces, and metals. Environmentally friendly, water based formulation. Excellent opacity, easy to apply excellent adhesion to concrete, masonry and metals, Elastomeric and exceptionally flexible – moves with the substrate Outstanding CO2 and other acid gas resistance High UV resistance for lasting appearance, Dirt repellent, Waterproof and blister proof Resistant to alkali, oil and grease,

Outstanding resistance to
Weathering Excellent R value at low
Film build Moisture vapour
Bright white colour is non yellowing
Enhances lux values.

Anti Carbonation properties make it suitable for the painting of inner city apartment blocks, carparks, airports and high rise buildings.

  • Easy to Apply
  • Quick Drying
  • Water Based
  • Long Life Paint
  • High Opacity
  • Outstanding Weather Protection
  • Coastal Protection
  • Up to 30 Years Life Span
  • Outstanding Covering Power
  • Doesn't Peel or Flake

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