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Our History

Eighteen years’ involvement in the specialist paint industry has given Proud Paints a keen eye for product innovation and a unique insight  into the technological developments happening around the world. We’ve partnered with 125 years of paint manufacturing expertise, to bring you the best paint quality.

In 2016 we decided to put that expertise, experience and vision to work by creating a brand-new range of paints under our Proud Paints badge, giving homeowners, DIY enthusiasts and professional painters superior, longer-lasting, more durable paints, in an extensive choice of colours, for a range of applications.

We’re Proud to say, that our paint finishes help homeowners enjoy a longer lasting high quality paint finish. At Proud Paints we say “Science has never looked so good” Always ensuring your getting the best quality of paint there is, high performance and longer lifespan for life and living.

Our Paint Technology

Proud Paints are made using the latest, proven paint technology, to give durability, protection and lasting colour to a standard as high – or higher – than any other paint on the market, and to a level of sustainability that exceeds current environmental regulatory requirements.

We maintain the highest standards throughout manufacturing and supply, using only the best raw materials available, with every part of the manufacturing process closely monitored and independently tested.

The manufacturing process is quality assured to ISO 9001 and has been accredited.

Become a Stockist

The Proud Paints dealer network is growing all the time as more homeowners and professionals discover the beauty, durability, quality and value of our paints. We would be delighted to welcome you aboard. Simply get in touch.

We know paint inside out and we know we’ve created a unique range of high quality, high performance paints. We’re proud to make them available to you and you’ll be proud when you hear what your houseproud customers have to say about them too!

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