Coastal Masonry Paint 30 Year Lifespan!

Exterior Coastal Paint

Coastal Protection Smooth Masonry Paint

For those who appreciate superior, long lasting quality and timeless style. Proud Paints ™ sets the standard in paints. Combining innovative paint technologies with contemporary colours and finishes, that’s why only we can offer a 30year life span. View 30Year Exterior Paint Finish

Ensuring that homes look beautiful for life & living.


Proud Paints Exterior Smooth Masonry Paint is formulated to the very highest standards for outstanding durability and cost-effectiveness.

Our Smooth Masonry enhances the exterior appearance of buildings whilst providing an exceptional level of protection from the elements.  Our range of exterior water-based formulations provide particular benefits, such as algaecide protection, high UV resistance, exceptional weathering and outstanding salt resistance to meet all application and performance criteria. Elastomeric, doesn’t peel, flake, or crack, as the film is elasticated



Proud Paints SMOOTH MASONRY Exterior Paint has outstanding Anti-Salt resistance properties that provide an exceptional level of resistance to salt spray, as harsh coastal weather fronts and other acidic gases can cause irreversible damage to paint finishes.  In addition, our smooth house exterior masonry paint has exceptionally high water vapour permeability, which allows moisture to escape slowly through our paints membrane, while also being weatherproof.  30Year Smooth Exterior Masonry Paint is ideal for any home, especially providing exceptional protection to coastal homes, coastal properties, coastal hotels, marina walls, light houses, boat yards, etc.

Considerable financial savings are achievable due to longer life and low maintenance requirements!

Proud Paints High Performance Smooth Masonry Exterior Paint also has excellent Anti-Carbonation Properties,

  • Outstanding CO2 and other acid gas resistance

Independently tested and has passed a 16,000 hour accelerated weathering test, which gives it a 30 year life span.


High Performance Coastal Protection

Exterior Coastal Paint

A high performance, environmentally friendly water borne, exterior coating with outstanding anti-salt resistant properties and a life expectancy that can exceed 30 years.

  • Satisfies Class ‘O’ Building Regulations
  • Outstanding CO2 and other acid gas resistance
  • Extremely high moisture vapour permeability
  • High UV resistance for lasting appearance
  • Dirt repellent
  • Waterproof and blister proof
  • Resistant to alkali, oil and grease
  • Outstanding resistance to weathering
  • Bright white colour in on-yellowing and enhances lux values
  • Life expectancy can exceed 30 years
  • Apply 2 coats by brush/roller or spray. Can be recoated in 2 – 4 hours.
  • Covers an average of between 6 and 8 sq. metres per Litre

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