Long Life Exterior Masonry House Paint

Exterior house paint

Proud Paints pride itself on superior, high performance, long life exterior paint finishes.

Our 30Year Smooth masonry exterior house paint, will enhance the appearance of your home for a lot longer, especially homes and properties that are located in harsh weather regions. Homes located in a coastal region surely benefit from this type of protection, our paint is formulated with special ingredients, so when you paint with our exterior paint, your paint finish will not peel, flake or crack, as the paint film is elasticated and moves with the surface.

Anti salt resistance means that salt spray coming in from the sea will not affect the paint film as quickly, while normal exterior paints only last approximately two years in harsh coastal regions, our 30 Year Smooth Masonry paint can be expected to last many years longer.

With added anti carbonation CO2 gas resistance this also helps properties located in condensed city, or high CO2 pollution city areas to enjoy a long last paint finish, as the paint film allows the soot to land on paint film, and when a heavy rain shower comes, it will wash down and clean the paint finish to its original colourful finish. 30 Year Smooth Masonry Product Details.

Exterior house paint

Long Life Exterior House Paint


Exterior House Paint, long life paint, exterior masonry paint.

Exterior Masonry House Paint

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