Proud Anti Mould Paint Video

Anti Mould Paint Video

Eliminate Mould from your homes interior walls and ceilings, choose to paint with Proud Anti Mould paint for a long life, mould free living space.

Formulated To Solve Problems – Not Paint Over Them!

Our anti mould paint is waterbased, environmentally friendly, no odour, non toxic, easy to apply, to any room within your home, whether it be an ensuite, bathroom, bedroom, hallway, kitchen, etc. Try it for yourself and notice the difference. Easy to apply and can be tinted too many colours. Choose a Colour

  1. Wash down existing Mould & Blackspot with our Sterilising Solution, this kills any mould spores,      helping the surface to be mould free before painting begins.
  2. Apply two coats of Proud Anti Mould Paint, easy to apply.
  3. Enjoy a mould free environment.

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