14 easy steps to Painting Outdoor Furniture

Proud Paints expert help and advice 14 easy steps to painting outdoor furntiture choosing paint colours from Proud Paints exterior confident colour collection will bring your painted garden furniture to life

Inspecting your furniture

Making sure your furniture is worth up styling. Make sure there is no damage that cannot be fixed, water damage or missing pieces.

Removing impurity’s

If your furniture is metal- remember to remove all rust by sanding it first.
If your furniture is wood- remember to sand slightly and make sure there is no sharp pieces sticking out.

Remove loose old paint

If you’re painting or staining wood or metal, you’ll need to remove any loose or peeling paint from both the furniture and any hardware before applying new coats. Use sandpaper for this. This will create a clean even base before beginning.

Use a good primer

Apply a Multi-surface primer before beginning. Use a brush or a small roller to apply this.

Using spray on paint

Spray paints work best for painting outdoor furniture made of wood, metal and wicker. There is special spray paint formulated for outdoor plastic furniture, please do not use normal spray paint as this will flake off plastic furniture.

Using the right tools for the job.

When painting outdoor furniture, it is best to use small brushes and small rollers.

Choosing the right finish for you.

If you’re painting wood or metal, you can choose any finish whether it be gloss, satin or eggshell, but you have to make sure the paint is suitable for outdoor use.


Choosing the right type of paint that is going to protect your furniture during different weather conditions. Living in Ireland there is a lot of rain which can cause wear and tear on furniture.

How many coats?

Generally using two coats of paint or stain should be efficient. Allow adequate drying time in between coats and always use thin coats.

What colour?

Choose a colour that compliments your exterior colours. There are endless amounts of colours available. Feeling risky? use colours opposite each other on the colour wheel.

Multiple colours

You can choose endless amounts of colours to pull your look together. Try different colours and bring out your creative side

Remove hardware

Removing your hardware before beginning should be done where possible. If you managed to get paint on your hardware, don’t worry. Simply place them in a hot bath, after letting them soak the paint should come away easily.

When to paint

Painting in the summer months is the best option. By doing so you are avoiding harsh weather conditions that may delay or ruin your work. Best time of the day to begin is morning time. This allows you to do your project without rushing and also gives time to allow it to dry.

Unique looks

Just like indoor stencils, you can use this outdoors too. Why not make some geometric shapes with masking tape and add a little funk to your furniture?

Be Inspired

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