Homemade stenciling like a pro

Proud Paints expert help and advice on homemade stenciling like a pro painting your homes interior walls choosing paint colours from Proud Paints confident colour collection will bring your home to life

Masking tape can be used to create beautiful designs and colourful effects. Using a 5cm making tape will ensure clean lines and a smooth finish between colours. Stencils can also be drawn onto lining paper and cut out, here are some Proud Paint tips to stencil like a pro:

  1. Using a 1inch – 2inch tape allows you to create boundaries between colours. This also helps with smooth lines and clean edges.
  2. Painting a solid background before doing your design.
  3. When your desired shape is placed onto your wall press down the edges firmly. This prevents the paint leaking under the tape. Choosing a quality tape that doesn’t allow bleeding and is easy to peel off, will be worth paying the extra for.
  4. Start by using a brush to dab the paint down the edges of the masking tape/stencil, this will create a solid, drip free outline before painting the rest.
  5. Taking your time. Timing is key and working slower and being more precise will create a better finished project.
  6. When using the paint, a little goes a long way, build your base and go from there, using thick amounts of paint will result in dripping.

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