Textured High Build Paint How to Apply

Proud Paints expert help and advice how to apply textured high build paint advice and steps to painting your homes interior and exterior choosing paint colours from Proud Paints confident colour collection will bring your homes masonry walls to life
  1. Open your 10L bucket and stir will a clean stick or paint stirrer.
  2. Pour a desired amount into a paint tray or a larger paint scuttle.
  3. The roller we use to apply textured high build is a honeycomb/textured roller sleeve, you can get throw away ones, which are good enough for light use, but for larger areas we’d recommend choosing a professional 9” honeycomb sleeve and good roller frame/handle.
  4. With very slow even strokes, lay onto wall in heavy patches. Do not worry about the texture/peaks at this point in time.
  5. When the initial quantity of product is on the wall, slowly and evenly spread out to cover a larger area. Smaller 1m2 areas at a time are easier to manage.
  6. The texture can now be achieved by further rolling and jointing of areas using a diagonal action. The texture is achieved by laying off.
  7. To layoff it is recommended that you have a separate standard medium pile roller sleeve, as this will give you more control over your desired textured finish.
  8. High textured peaks: finish/layoff on the up stroke, in order to push the marble aggregate into vertical position, and to achieve a high peak. This will ensure that the texture will have a ‘peaked’ effect when dry.
  9. Lower textured peaks: finish/layoff on the down stroke, in order to push the marble aggregate into position, and achieve a lower peak.
  10. Many finishes are achievable as this coating can be applied by trowel for  a more smoother masonry looking finish.
  11. Textured Sprayer for the professionals can also offer a smooth masonry finish.
  12. Window reveals can be rolled as close as possible and then finished with a brush in order to give a professional flat border finish.

Using the above methods large areas can be covered quickly with an even professional finish.

This is a single coat through colour finish.

Proud® Paints textured matt finish is extremely durable protects against even the most extreme weather conditions. Provides an extremely tough, flexible and long lasting protective and decorative finish. Properties include crushed marble aggregates with light fast earth pigments.

The coating is suitable for internal & external use on virtually all common building substrates.

A water based, environmentally friendly texture coating, with excellent adhesion, textured finish paint hides surface defects, extremely flexible, resists cracking, fast drying – interior rooms can normally be occupied within 24hrs.


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