Tips for Upcycling furniture 

Proud Paints expert help and advice upcycling furntiture choosing proud paints multi surface primer steps to painting wood and furniture for exterior and interior decorating choosing paints colours from Proud Paints confident colour collection will bring your home exterior to life

Preparation is key– plan ahead and think of ideas on what you want your finished project to look like. Are you going for bold colours or cool pastels? Planning ahead allows you to focus on your finished piece and allows you to get all the tools you need.

Using your imagination– Seeing old furniture and wanting to give it a new lease of life? Using items for completely opposite things such as that old ladder is now a funky new towel rack. This is where your imagination comes in.

Remembering to keep the style of the piece– there are many ways to make a statement about your furniture piece, upcycling using stencils, funky handles and knobs, bright or pastel colours, the canvas is blank.

Research– Do your research, create a mood board, pick colours, fabrics, and patterns. There are many furniture upcycling gurus out there, look around, also why not post your furniture piece and receive some fantastic upcycling paint ideas from like-minded people.

Primer: Choosing Proud® Paints Multi Surface Primer will create the perfect foundation, for your finish coat of paint to adhere too.

Finish Paint: Proud® Eggshell Interior is a low sheen that will give your piece extraordinary depth of colour and durability. Proud® Satin Finish is 25% sheen so a little more sheen than eggshell but just as durable.

Using good equipment– using the right small rad roller sleeve and brush will make your job so much easier. 10mm nap roller sleeves can be used to get the paint on, and then use a 5mm roller sleeve to lay it off for a smooth finish.

Have fun and be spontaneous and bold- think outside the box when it comes to up styling there is no right or wrong way to do it, choose designs that are out of your comfort zone and unleash your creative side.


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