What paint brush to use for the perfect finish

Proud Paints expert help and advice choosing the perfect paint brush advice and steps to painting your homes interior and exterior choosing paint colours from Proud Paints confident colour collection will bring your home to life

Masonry Brush – this is a long-bristled brush with a firm texture, great for exterior brickwork and pebble dashed walls. This brush is usually made of natural bristle perfect for applying water-based masonry paints.

Proud Paint’s Top tip for using masonry paint brushes or any paint brush – Hold the base, which is known as the stock of the brush, with your fingers, rather that the handle itself for more control when applying the paint.

Natural bristle brushes – These brushes swell in water-based paints meaning they hold more paint and save time from constantly dipping your paint brush into the paint tin, it also means that it’s a little more difficult to be precise when using them. These brushes also work well with solvent-based paints on furniture or woodwork.

Proud Paint’s Top tip for cleaning natural bristle brushes- Use a good brush cleaner when washing out solvent-based paints. When using water-based paints make sure to store your brushes in a dry area after cleaning.

Proud Paints Tip – Another good tip after washing, is to wrap your brushes in old newspaper, to keep those bristles in tack for your next project.

Synthetic or acrylic brushes – Perfect for water based interior finishes. The smooth texture and springiness of the bristles make it easier to achieve an even finish and make ‘cutting in’ more effective. They are especially good for painting woodwork and furniture in water-based paints like Proud® Satin, Eggshell and Gloss Finishes.

Proud Paints Top Tip for Synthetic & acrylic brushes- Look after these and they’ll last for years. Make sure to get all paint out of the bristles when finished. If the bristles lose their shape, a quick dip in hot water should do the trick, this allows the brushes to return to their original shape.

Cutting in brush – A cutting in brush is designed for getting the perfect straight edge when cutting in between walls, ceilings and skirting boards.

Proud Paints 1st Top Tip for Cutting in Brushes- Don’t overload the brush. Smooth, confident, continious brush strokes will result in straighter lines, also bringing the ceiling colour down onto walls first, will ensure when you are cutting in with your chosen wall colour this will give a cleaner line, between the ceiling and wall.

Proud Paints 2nd Top Tip for Cutting in – When cutting in, apply paint with your brush just an inch or so away from the edge you are cutting in, so when you do start cutting in the paint brush will slide a lot easier, giving you a more precise, confident paint finish.

Lining Fitch – Is a pure bristle brush and they come in ¼”, ½”, ¾” & 1” they can be round or flat and are useful little brushes for touching up small narrow areas.

Proud Paints Top Tip for Lining Fitch Brushes – Very useful for those awkward painting spots, or for finer detailed paint work.


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