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Irelands most advance anti mould & blackspot paint. Formulated to the highest of standards for the sole purpose of eliminating mould in all living spaces, a highly durable washable matt finish, for ceilings, walls, and woodwork. Totally stops the growth of mould for the life span of the paint. Thermal acrylic formulation also helps colder uninsulated living spaces enjoy a mould free environment. Available in brilliant white and over 700 light to medium shade colours. Banker’s grey being the darkest grey hue available, so plenty of colourful choices for your anti mould paint finish.  

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Key Information

Look in to the future, formulated to the highest grade, with the clear intentions of eliminating mould issues in all living spaces for longer life span. A formulation of thermal acrylic resin and a thermal biocide resin that is bonded to every molecule of paint. Providing you with the highest quality in durability, protection, all in a beautiful washable matt finish.

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  • Easy to Apply
  • Durable
  • Water Based
  • No Odour
  • Eliminates Mould Long Term
  • Easy To Apply
  • Washable Matt

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